Link On Demand - Powered by Uber Rider Survey

Thank you for helping us test Link On Demand - Powered by Uber! As with any pilot program, there may be problems.  That's why we need your feedback to help us continually improve the experience and evaluate its ongoing feasibility.

Did you have Uber installed on your phone before using Link On Demand?
How easy was it for you to book your ride through the Uber app?
Did the app allow you to request a ride on the first try?
Did you experience any of the following problems?
Select all that apply.
If not, just skip this question.
How did you hear about Link On Demand?
Select all that apply.
Will you continue to use Link On Demand? If so, how often?
What kinds of trips do you see yourself using Link On Demand for?
Select all that apply.
Have you ridden the Lone Tree Link before on the fixed route running along Park Meadows Drive?
Do you work for any of the following employers?
Please provide your name and email address if you are okay with being contacted if we need more information.